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What is Crime Watch?

Neighborhood Crime Watch is a volunteer organization composed of Brookstone/Fieldstone residents like you. Its mission is to prevent crime in our neighborhood and notify neighbors when a crime does occur. This way, we stand a better chance of preventing repeat incidents and possibly helping the police with information vital to apprehending criminals. Crime Watch is not intended to intervene in a crime-in case of an emergency or suspected crime in progress, always dial 911.

Crime Watch Phone Tree Notification Process

  1. When an incident occurs in the neighborhood, the victim should notify one of their Block Captains (of course after notifying the police, as appropriate). Alternatively, the information can be sent to
  2. The victim should provide all pertinent information, such as the crime, location, property stolen or damaged, time and date, whether there is a description of the suspect, and whether the victim notified the police. It is the victim's prerogative whether or not to notify the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, however Crime Watch strongly encourages them to do so.
  3. The Block Captain passes the information along to the Neighborhood Coordinator, who then initiates the phone tree by calling each Block Captain in the neighborhood.
  4. Each Block Captain notifies their block Co-Captain. Together, the captains and Co-Captains notify everyone on their block. This may entail a phone conversation, an answering machine message, or a flier.
  5. National Night Out Against Crime Ice Cream Social

    Crime Watch's big annual event is the National Night Out (NNO) Against Crime. The purpose of NNO is to make a statement that our neighborhood is organized to resist crime and support law enforcement. Each year, on the first Tuesday night in August, neighbors are encouraged to turn on their porch lights and attend an Ice Cream Social, hosted by Crime Watch and sponsored by the TCHOA. This is a great chance to socialize with your neighbors and eat some free ice cream! Watch for a flier with details toward the end of July each year.

Volunteering for Crime Watch

Although all volunteer positions are currently filled, turnover is inevitable. You are encouraged to consider volunteering for the Crime Watch Committee. The time commitment is minimal-you are merely responsible to make about a dozen phone calls to your neighbors whenever a crime is reported in our community. Being a Block Captain is a great way to stay in touch with your neighbors, welcome the newcomers, and promote a safer community. The program is truly rewarding, as it enhances the quality of life and property values in our community. Any willing volunteers should contact

What You Can Do to Prevent Crime

Keeping your coach lights and porch lights maintained is one way you can prevent crime in our neighborhood. So is parking your vehicles in your garage, since theft from vehicles is by far the most common crime committed in Twin Creeks. It is also vital that we communicate with one another and look out for one another. Neighbors should never ignore suspicious behavior or an open garage door late at night. Good neighbors get to know one another by name and help one another out as needed. If that's not the case on your block, don't be satisfied-take it upon yourself to meet your neighbors and talk to them. Make the first move to introduce yourself. Only then can we build a stronger community!

Crime Prevention Tips

  1. Keep your garage door closed anytime you are not in the garage
  2. Park your cars in the garage; if you must park outside, lock your car doors
  3. Don't leave anything in your parked car that you want to keep (laptop, cell phone, wallet, purse, keys, auto title, garage door opener, iPod)
  4. Lock your house, front door and back, whether you are home or not
  5. Keep all exterior light bulbs maintained-florescent bulbs last much long
  6. Leave your porch lights on at night, front and back
  7. If you don't have an alarm system, invest in one and pay for the monitoring

Crime Watch Information

  1. TCHOA Lot Map
  2. Lot and Address List
  3. TCHOA Address Map
  4. Brookstone Captains
  5. Fieldstone Captains
  6. Crime Watch Website
  7. Crime Watch Toolkit
  8. Prevention Bulletin

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