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This page contains answers to common questions you may have as a Twin Creeks homeowner, along with some tips and overall general information we have found useful.

What is the Twin Creeks Homeowners Association?

The Twin Creeks Homeowners Association (TCHOA) was part of the initial housing plan, incorporated by the developer to maintain the common areas, provide various services to residents and to control future architectural development. Membership in and payment of annual dues to TCHOA is mandatory for all homeowners. The Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for Twin Creeks is part of the deed to each lot in Fieldstone and Brookstone.

How much are the annual dues?

The annual dues are $353.00 payable every January 1. Late fees are an additional $42.00

How are the dues spent?

The annual homeowner dues are used to cover such things as street lighting, mowing and landscaping of common areas, maintenance of retention ponds, maintenance of signage, common area fences and entrance structures, snow removal, insurance, common area property taxes and related administrative expenses.

Is there a Board that handles the business of Twin Creeks Homeowners Association (TCHOA)?

Yes. The TCHOA Board of Directors are elected each year in May or June at the annual meeting of the homeowners association. Each position is strictly a volunteer commitment from fellow homeowners who are willing to dedicate their time and effort to ensure the proper handling of homeowner business.

Are there any committees at Twin Creeks and how can I get involved?

Yes. The TCHOA welcomes the involvement of all residents. The current committees are as follows: Crime Watch, Architectural Review, Social Committee and Welcome Committee. In addition, we are looking for creative people to start various other neighborhood events, activities and clubs. Each of these committees are looking for volunteers who would like to participate. If you are interested please email the Board.

How can I get more involved in my neighborhood?

You can run for a TCHOA Board position, volunteer for a committee or volunteer as a Block Capitan. Please contact any Board Member for more information.

Is there a neighborhood newsletter and how frequently is it published?

Yes. The Twin Creeks Connection is in its second year of production and is mailed out on a biannual basis. In the future, the newsletters will only be available from the website unless a homeowner makes other arrangements for receiving it. For current and previous issues, please visit the newsletter page.

How can I have an item of interest published in the newsletter, directory or website?

You can contact the newsletter/website editor or any Board Member and provide detailed information about your item of interest.


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